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YourGMap Testimonials - From our Mailbox:

What our users are saying:

“Brilliant! Thank you - just what I've been looking for.”

- Mike M.

“Absolutely awesome! I was searching for tips to help me create my own map and (fortunately) found a link to - you've saved me a weekend of work!”

- Paul

“Great job on the site: By far the most polished of the "Make your own GMap" sites out there. Bravo!”

- Isaac Richter

“This is a great tool. Building a map is fun and ridiculously easy.”

- Gregory Lam

“What I great tool! Though I'm a programmer myself, I don't have time to get involved with the details of Google Maps as all I want to do it produce two maps for a community based archery group. YourGMap makes it easy!”

- Alan Avent

“New user here ... Just wanted to say thank you so much for providing this service. Keep up the good work!”

- Raymond B.

“This is a great tool!”

- Kathy Turner, UsingGMaps

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