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Your Maps

You can have as many maps as you want and should give them a descriptive name. Click on a map to edit it.


The top navigation bar is divided into three parts: green is for the list of your maps. Blue is for pages where you enter information into a map. Yellow is for publishing your map so the world can see it.

Adding Locations

Each map may have any number of locations. There are three ways of entering a location: You can type in the address, give the coordinates, or point-and-click with the mouse on a map (click "pinpoint on map" to get this option).

In addition, you can assign a special marker to each location and have a text window with your comments window pop up when you click on the location's marker.

Map Settings

Fancy satellite images? This is where you can change the appearance of your map: Map type, zoom factor, navigation elements - it's all configurable!

Marker Settings

Face it - the standard Google Marker gets boring after a while. All my maps use dogprints.

Export Settings

There's a crucial question to be answered here: Would you like a simple map page that you can link to? Or do you want to embed the map into your own website?

Preview & Publish

All that tedious clicking finds its end here. Hit the big 'Publish' button to make your map available to the world!

Don't forget to republish after making changes.

Output Examples

See examples of maps made with YourGMap.