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About this Service

YourGMap is great for two kinds of users:

The Google Maps API is great for creating powerful map-based applications, but requires JavaScript skills. YourGMap offers a simpler way.

About the Author

YourGMap was written by me, Gabor Cselle. I am currently a CS student at ETH Zurich in Switzerland.

I had the idea for this site when I was looking for a place to cash my traveller's checks in New York City. When I googled for AmEx offices, the only page that came up was a simple address list. A native New Yorker knows each corner of Manhattan by heart and could instantly figure out which office is closest. For me, a map would have been better. Hopefully, people will use this tool to fill the web with beautiful maps instead of address lists.

Gabor New York Ruby on Rails

With a week of spare time, I decided to quickly put together a simple user interface for creating your own maps. Three weeks later, I declared I was done, with much possible improvement still left. I used Ruby on Rails which turned out to be an excellent choice.

Big thanks to Fabian Siegel, for invaluable help with setting up the servers.


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